Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines


1. Lazada Philippines

This should come as no surprise. Lazada Philippines has grown to be the go to site for online shopping in our country.

They offer a wide array of products from local to international brands, electronic gadgets to toys and beauty products to kitchen wares. Lazada was also chosen by Xiaomi Philippines to be their exclusive partner.

The biggest advantage of Lazada Philippines compared to other online shops is the Cash on Delivery payment option. Installment plans are also available using credit cards.

Support is a bit problematic though. Lazada doesn’t offer live chat but you will be updated on your order’s status in their website, emails and text messages.

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2. Kim Store

Pinoy Techno Guide is a tech blog to naturally, Kim Store will be on top of this list for us. Kim Store offers original smartphones, tablets and other gadgets at very low prices. They can even sell the newest gadget even if it hasn’t been officially released in our country!

If you are looking for the best online shop for gadgets, Kim Store is the best way to go. They also have friendly staff members who will promptly respond to your questions via text message.

The disadvantage with Kim Store is that their products almost always get sold out due to the low prices. You’ll have to follow them on Facebook to get the latest price drop or make a reservation.

3. Zalora Philippines

For those who are looking for the perfect online shop for branded fashion items like T-Shirts from H.E. by Mango, Levi’s Pants or Nike shoes, Zalora is the top online shop for you.

Just like Lazada, Zalora Philippines also offer Cash on Delivery and free shipping for orders above ₱1,000. Based on my experience, you’ll hardly order below this amount from Zalora.

Zalora Philippines also has a problem with the absence of live chat but you can also track your orders easily and contact them for any issue.

The best part with Shopping on Zalora is the ₱250 discount on your first purchase and monthly sale!

Get 15% Off. Use Code WAVE15 at the checkout!

4. OLX or

I hear you people, OLX or Sulit isn’t really an online shop. It only serves as a platform where people can sell their stuff to other Filipinos. However, this list aims to find the best website to shop online and OLX serves the purpose.

OLX has a fascinating origin story from being founded by RJ and Arianne David in 2006 with a capital of just ₱2,400.00!

If you’re looking for a second hand smartphone or laptop, a room or house to rent and even a car, is the perfect choice. Just be extra careful and double check who you’re dealing with


5. Shop This Easy

From the name itself, Shop This Easy will give you a hassle free online shopping experience. They only sell fashion items and largely on fashion clothes for ladies.

My girlfriend and I once bought couple shorts from them and we were very happy with both the product and the transaction.

I also like the Shop This Easy website very much. Unlike Lazada which seem cluttered and messy, this one was designed with the user experience in mind. They also have live chat for support.

6. Ayos Dito

Again, this one is a classifieds or buy and sell website just like Between Ayos Dito and OLX, one can’t really pick which one is better. However, OLX seems to be having a better time than Ayos Dito.

If you’re looking for this type of site to shop online, be extra careful. You can find great deals on Ayos Dito but there are also crooks who take advantage with their free service to rip you off.

By the way, did you know that you can find job openings listed on Ayos Dito?


This one has been suggested a couple of times in the comments below. I’m not sure if they were affiliated with or just sharing their favorite online shop.

Anyway, lives up to its name by selling a lot of items that you normally see in a grocery store. If you want somebody else to deliver your groceries at your doorstep, is up for that task. They also sell gadgets, appliances, fashion items and even books.

Free shipping is also available as well as Cash on Delivery.

8. Widget City

Widget City is another great online shop for smartphones, laptops tablets, cameras, accessories and other electronic stuff. Widget City ensures that they only sell original products from trusted brands.

The best thing about Widget City: they have dedicated support lines based on a gadget’s brand! There’s a number for all Apple products, another for DSLR cameras and for other gadget brands.

9. Instagram and Facebook Online Shops

A lot of online boutiques use Instagram or Facebook in selling their items. Most of these online shops are just starting up while others are already years in the business but have become comfortable with this setup instead of putting up their own website.

Just be careful though. Make sure that the online shop is trustworthy before purchasing anything. These shops can be addicting because you constantly see them in your social media feeds.


You can guess what this online shop sells by its name alone. offers cosmetics and other beauty products from brands like L’Oréal Paris, Mary Kay, Maybelline New York and Human Nature.

I may not be the right person to recommend (I’m a guy after all) but since it is run by someone who know make-up very well, I’m pretty sure you’re in good hands. Their vision: To become the leading makeup online store in the Philippines.

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